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Hi There,
Hi Donna its good talking to u first of all hows all the babies if theres any & the goats. I just had to email u to tell u a story about the passing of animals & humans well today just about 15 mins ago my mom left to go to the grocery store and as she opened the door there was this large black butterfly near the door my mom called me to tell me that that was definetly my Dad or Migi coming to visit as i came out of my room i saw it land on the large picture window & it stayed there for awhile. In the Japanese culture we believe that anytime there is a butterly which it is called (Cho-Cho) that is large & black its believe to symbolize the passing coming to visit. This could indeed be my Dad or Migi & as it flew away i called out saying Dad/Migi come back come back and as i did i saw it landing on the moringa tree! As i went closer to say hey Migi did u come to visit MOMMA it flew away this time for good. My eyes started welling up as i called out again only for it to have gone away for good. My mom said wow there coming to visit us b/c we took good care of them & that they are showing us that they are truly missed but all good memories. I hope i will get to see them again. This had made my mom & my day a happy one! Just thought i'd share this story with u b/c u were really there for me to care for Migi. I so truly miss him & my dad. Please give hugs to everyone & the goats! Have a GREAT DAY & i'll talk to u again okay.

Me & Migi

I love to hear stories like that - and I do believe those we have lost come to visit in many ways.  All the little ones are doing great - big ones too.  In a couple of weeks I go to a "burn camp" where youngsters who have had burn accidents get to go (from across the U.S.) to be at a camp and do the things campers do without having the stares from "regular" children.  I go every year and take some of the packgoats and kid goats - the youngsters love to have the goats visit - we pack up the big packgoats with the youngsters lunches and go for a walk and then stop and have lunch - always a wonderful experience - the goats love it and so do the youngsters.  Otherwise same old thing, work and take care of the farm - but the weather has been lovely for our summer.  So good to hear from you - please say hello to your mom for me.  Love to you and Migi - Donna


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