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QUESTION: Hi Donna , sick buck is an understatement in this case as he died yesterday . For the little access grain he had this should not have happened . I did manage to get the peptol , but it was as if he was to far gone which got me thinking . For a long time when I saw runs I ran for the cattle scour medicine , to bind them up a bit . What he had was not scours , but rather a poison affect from to much grain . The medicine did work stopping the scours but effectively shutting down his rumen , which permitted the stomach toxins to build up and kill him . 24 hours before he died he was able to poop again but his rumen still would not work , no noises , and he stayed off a food . I was giving probios all through this as well as peptol , and a molasses caffeine water based solution to give some strength . My question is how can you jump start a rumen and this scour medicine , what is your take on this ? Personally if it isn't scours it probably is best left alone , I don't know . Damed if you do and damed if you don't . Thanks

ANSWER: Sorry to hear of the buck.  How old was the buck? Was he up to date on his CDT?  Did you try the biopsponge? Any time I have a goat that has diarrhea from whatever they get the biosponge which sucks up the toxin.  The treatment with pepto bismol to help stop the diarrhea as well as probiotics is best treatment.  Any time a goat over eats or has a stress, is young in age, and has diarrhea or is not well I give the biosponge, probiotics, vitamin D and B1, and always give one or two boosters of the CDT (enterotoxemia) to cover for that.  Re starting the rumen - when you say "scour medicine" what is that specifically that you are using?  Straight probiotics will help keep the rumen alive.  Hope that helps.  Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , he was only 1 year and never had any shots as I know of , even though I bought him from a dairy farm , so no to the cdt . The scour medicine is a drench and is simply called Scour Solution ,,Active ingredients Neomycin per ml 50 mg , and Methscopolamine Bromide 0.25 per ml , dose is 10 ml per 50 kg . It has proven very effective in stopping diarrhea in kid goats that have had to much milk , stopping the diarrhea in a day so they don't get dehydrated . When you said entrotoxiema that's what it looked like he died from . As for the Bio sponge I am still waiting for the order to arrive , and ya I thought that , if I only had this to use . O well I did my best with what I had , guess I never thought a little grain could make him this sick . When I buried him today green ooze came out of his mouth so he definitely was poisoned , his system that is . Thanks , O again this scour solution in this case , could it have caused his rumen to shut down ? , and is it save in this scenario ?

Whenever grain overeating occurs enterotoxemia is usually in the mix of getting the goat ill and is many times fatal.  The toxins sent out by the multiplying Clostridium bacteria are extremely poisonous and once they infiltrate all of the systems as well as taking over the rumen not much you can do for the goat.  Neomycin is an antibiotic so does not stop diarrhea, the methscopolamine bromide is like a peptomismol in that it helps stop the diarrhea.  I usually use peptobismol mixed with probiotics, vitamin B complex and the Biosponge every 2 hours for 3 doses, along with CDT toxoid at 2 cc every 2 hours (unless you have the CD antitoxin, which is only available off the internet).  Re shutting down the rumen by the scour solution, I would doubt that - it sounds more like the toxin was to blame. Hope this helps - Donna


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