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QUESTION: We just returned from vacation, had someone else caring for our goats. Yesterday after returning home we noticed the one kid was very sick. Dehydrated, breathing problems, could stand at first but went down so fast within half an hour couldn't stand anymore.We treated both for Coccidiosis and Enterotoxemia. The first kid died within 3 hours, the next goat died withing 24 hours. Now we have one more that is sick. The ones that died - one had bad scours, one had evidence of having had scours. The one that is sick shows no signs of scours but stands alone, head down, lethargic, not dehydrated yet. Upon the advice of a friend who has had goats a long time I gave it baking soda and water, Red Cell and Gatorade. Also after discovering the sick kids we gave all kids a dose of Sulfadimethoxine.  We have NO vets available on Sundays in our area and I need help ASAP - I don't want to lose more of our goats. :( Thanks ahead of time for taking the time to answer my questions.

ANSWER: What color was the diarrhea?  Green is coccidiosis, yellow is enterotoxemia, white is E. coli, and brown is either bacterial or just digestive upset.  Brown diarrhea can also go along with pneumonia.  I would treat the little one left with penicillin at 2 cc now and 1 cc at night and then twice a day for 5 days.  No baking soda.  Red cell only if anemic - white lower inner eyelids.  Is the kid up to date on CDT vaccination?  Let me know about my questions and I will get back to you with more specific help - thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: Diarrhea was a dark green almost black color. Kid has had CDT vaccine. The penicillin - does it need to be Subcutaneous or Intramuscular?

Sorry for the delayed answer.  To cover for possible enterotoxemia I would repeat the CDT booster - CDT toxoid 1 cc.  Re the penicillin it is best given intramuscularly in the rear thigh muscles.  22 gauge 3/4 inch needle is best.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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