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I just recently changed the area I have my goats in. They are now in a area full of trees, bushes, vines, raspberry bushes and other various wild vegetation. They have never been in this type of environment before and one of my does and her young kid are both acting sluggish, she is grinding her teeth and he is foaming at the mouth and they were fine this morning but tonight they would not eat their usual grain. Did they get hold of something they shouldn't have? The rest of my herd is fine, it is just those two.

The foaming at the mouth indicates she ate a poisonous plant.  Would take a walk and check for what exactly is in the area.  She should be given milk of magnesia (kid too would suspect) at 1/2 cup per 75 pounds now and again in 2 hours.  Would also give probiotics and vitamin B complex (yogurt for probiotics is fine mixed with 4 tablets of the vitamin B complex for her and 2 for the kid goat - yogurt would be one tablespoon for the doe and 1/2 for the kid) crush the vitamins and dissolve in a little hot water, mix with the yogurt, cool and give orally.  You may have to give another dose of the milk of magnesia in 4 hours.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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