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Goats/sore jaw inside right cheek


I have a 4year old, who has for 3 days been drooling and spitting out her cud, (it's all over her face and chin, I looked in her mouth and it seems like she is sore to touch the right inside cheek, her teeth at the roots are black, and the skin right inside the jaw is ragged. I have seen her drinking, she is not wormy, up to weight and otherwise healthy, Should I be giving her pencillian? what causes the cud to run down her chin?

Sounds like she is either having tooth issues that have caused an infection in the mouth.  It is possible she also just got scratched or poked with something inside the mouth and that has caused an abscess/infection.  Her not being able to contain the cud points to an infection and/or tooth issues.  But at 4 years of age her teeth should not need to be filed down.  The bottom portion of the teeth being black can come from not getting enough protein or too much zinc or even mineral deficiencies.  I would start her on penicillin intramuscular injection at 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day for 5 days.  She would also need probiotics during this time.  I would also start her on vitamin B complex, human type, at 5 tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water then cooled and given orally twice a day until she is able to eat better.  If you have a chance carefully run your fingers along the teeth of the goat to see if you feel any roughness, which would indicate she might need her teeth floated.  Might also offer her some mush type feed - ground up rabbit type alfalfa pellets mixed with rice or oat cereal (I use baby type but regular is fine too/whatever you have) that is mixed/cooked with hot water, and add some molasses or karo syrup to it and thin as needed to either orally drench her with if she is starting to lose weight or offer it to her as a mush - many goats like this and will eat it readily as it is easy to chew.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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