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I have tried to research the crochet hook method to treat teat stones but the referenced article on the subject in most blog posts is coming up as an error.  We have a really sweet goat who is going through a lot of pain at every milking and we have tried so many things to help her.  If you can give us any info on the procedure that would be wonderful because if she can't be milked then, well we don't want to consider that.  Any help will be a life saver!  Thanks a million.

Generally you can crush the stone within the teat to make it smaller so you can then massage it out.  These stones are generally from too high in calcium or protein - what type of feed regimen is she on? Also when the goat is not hydrated enough these stones become larger.  The hook method can easily injure the teat so I advise against it.  Let me know - Donna


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