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QUESTION: I have a female Nubian mixed breed, about 4 years old, who has recently gotten a rough coat and i think she's losing hair on her chin also. She looks skinnier than usual too. I recently had to move her (along with 3 other male goats) to a new location. I think it may be a result of stress but I'm not sure. Anyone help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

ANSWER: Is she up to date on wormer?  What does her poop look like? Is she up to date on selenium/E/D supplement?  What color are her lower inner eyelids?  I would assume this could be selenium deficiency. Let me know about my questions and I will get back to you - thanks - Donna

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Nutri drench
Nutri drench  
QUESTION: I just gave them all their 3rd round of oral ivermectin this afternoon (10 days in between each round). I noticed them
looking skinnier than usual after a moved them to their new home a month ago which is why I started the ivermectin regimen. Her stools look good ( Not clumpy or runny). I have the goat nutri-drench but I haven't given it to them in a while. I will definitely give them a round of the nutri-drench tomorrow morning. Do I need to be cautious of over-dosing with the nutri-drench or is it relatively safe? Thanks again

Nutri drench really does not help - I do not advise using it.  It has propylene glycol in it which is toxic.  Are you using ivermectin injectable or oral? Neither works well on goats.  I can give you a good worming regimen.  If the lower inner eyelids are white to light pink then that is anemia and the barber pole worm is probably the issue.  What type of feed regimen are the goats on? The hair coat is probably selenium deficiency - use of ten 200 mcg human selenium tablets (crushed and dissolved in hot water), mixed with all the oil from an 800 IU capsule of vitamin D and all the oil from a 1000 IU capsule of vitamin E - mix, cool and give orally now and then repeat in 10 days. If the goats are not eating well giving probiotics and vitamin B complex (human tablets - 3 to 5 tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water) given once a day can help with their rumen function.  It is certainly possible the change in environment has put their system off kilter.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna  


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