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Goats/12 week old Nigerian Dwarf male with Diarrhea


QUESTION: I have a 12 week old male that has developed diarrhea. We brought him home at 9weeks. He has been eating about a cup of grain a day and has had plenty of hay and other foliage to graze on. We recently went through a heat wave and they always have plenty of water available to him. He was also wormed before we got him. I'm just not sure of the next step as far as treating his diarrhea. These are are first goats and just looking for some advice.

ANSWER: What color is the diarrhea?  Green indicates coccidiosis, white is E. coli, yellow is enterotoxemia, and brown is digestive upset or bacterial infection.  Different regimens for these.  Let me know and I will give you more specific regimen for this.  Is he drinking water okay? If not would orally drench him with electrolytes to keep him hydrated.  For any of the above diarrheas though use of peptobismol (human) will at least help with the diarrhea itself but not the cause.  1/4 cup of pepto given orally per 25 pounds body weight every four to six hours.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Its a think brown...with maybe hints of green? He seems to be drinking water okay, but how do you orally drench him?? And with a gatorade of some sorts for electrolytes?

Thanks for the update.  This could be just the stress of the hot weather causing the diarrhea.  Would start on the peptobismol and oral electrolyte drenching - you can use a small syringe (without the needle of course) and put it's tip over the goat's tongue while tipping the head up just a little and then pushing in the liquid a little at a time so he swallows it.  There are also oral drenching syringes available at many feed stores.  Any electrolyte would work - human or livestock - I usually use either pedialyte type or gatorade type fluids for them.  Many times you will see them just suck it out of the syringe as it tastes good.  Hope this helps - Donna


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