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We have 2 Nubian Goat, They both look Pregnant, 1 has a bag the other don't, I've check the area by the tail they both are soft!! 1 doesn't have a bag at all, is Hugh! Both are due in about a week, what shall I do with the 1 that doesn't have no signs other then her Hugh belly??? Thank

Can you feel kid goats inside of both? Should be able to feel kicking/movement especially on the lower right hand side of the stomach area with the palm/flat of your hand.  Does the one doe have a flat udder or enlarged teats but just no milk in the udder? Sometimes goats who are kidding for the first time do not fill up with milk until after kidding.  It is also possible that goat is not pregnant, perhaps had kids inside but they died early on in pregnancy or perhaps she is having a false pregnancy.  Let me know about the udder and if you could feel any kids inside the one goat.  Thanks - Donna


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