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QUESTION: Hi Donna , I have a 10 week old buck I acquired from another farm a few weeks ago , and apparently he was,is, carrying a parasite . I have wormed with Valbazen , a fairly large dose , as he has lost a lot of weight . I also dosed with amproul , even though he is showing no signs of coccdia , no runs . Past three days I have dosed him with probiotics , vitamins B50 Complex , D , AND IRON to build up his blood . He is eating a bit , and I've been able to force 5-8 ounces milk in him twice daily . He is still very weak , and i'm hoping his appetite will improve . Is there anymore I can do,  do you believe ? Maple by now was responding very well , this guy seems slow to come to . I noticed the other day a bit of a runny nose , but his breathing is fine no coughing , wondering about penn ? Thanks

ANSWER: Hi there - would suspect this is a pneumonia and would treat with antibiotics - penicillin if you have it.  Would use 2 cc as first dose and then 1 cc twice a day for 4 to 5 days.  Continue with all other items too.  Is his poop normal pelleted? If so then he does not have regular stomach worms.  What color are his lower inner eyelids?  If white, anemia and that would be from the barber pole worm or liver flukes - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , yes his poop is clumpy pellets , and yes I suspected liverfluke , and anticipated that he may have early pneumonia , I have been giving pen la as the other pen I was out of , but have since been to the vets and picked up the pen pro . His eyelids are as white as snow but with the iron treatment I should see a difference very soon . All I have for the liverfluke is Valbazen , but it worked fine on Maple at larger doeses , so i'll dose him again today . O Maple made a full recovery and has a new loving home with people who don't care about size . Hard to believe how good she rebounded with a airport back rather than a boney ridge . Question , I have a large pond very deep , but still water with gold fish in it . Gets pretty messy in the summer with brown and green algie . I wonder if this is the sorce of the liverfluke , and the coccdia which I have just had my first outbreak im many months ? The little pasture the pond is in I only opened a month ago and that's when I first seen poops and this one fellow that is anemic .

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Re the Valbazen, it does kill the liver flukes but must be in huge amounts - more so than the fenbendazole - but with that said - if it works that's the bottom line.  So glad to hear of Maple - nice job.  Re the pond, most likely it is the source of the liver flukes.  Coccidia is from the grass in the pasture and unfortunately everyone in the world with grass in their pasture has coccidia present.  Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , one more quick question , huge amounts of Valbazen . He weight about 25 lbs at the moment and I gave him a total of 12 cc in 3 days , this last dose was 5 cc today , is this enough ? I hope cause I just ran out till tomorrow . I'll be fencing in the pond they don't need it for water anyway as they have fresh water on tap all the time through an automatic system . Thanks

Usual dose is 3 cc per 100 pounds body weight for regular worming - would double or triple this for liver flukes - so 1 cc regular dose and 3 cc for triple - sounds like the 12 cc total should be more than enough to kill the flukes.  Glad you are fencing the pond in.  Pond waters like that can also carry leptospirosis.  Too many nasty little critters around aren't there? Donna  


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