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Hi , I have a couple kid goats that obviously picked up a worm load . Three days ago I wormed for liver fluke which I am sure is the culprit . They got into some standing water . Also treated for coccidia just to be sure . I used safeguard horse wormer for the liver fluke . Am treating with iron 4 tabs twice daily B-12 injections and A and D injections . I want to start B-50 complex , but not sure the dose . I have to get super aggressive as 2 these kids are getting weaker by the moment , eyelids and gums are now white , so I think the worm load was high and as they died they have left internal bleeding causeing acute anemia . Got caught off guard with this and have lost one already , but as long as there is breath I will keep trying . They are still eating , and one by the way does have bottle jaw . Can you help ? , thought the b treatment and iron would have done the trick by now . Thanks

HI Barry -
Safeguard will not help with liver fluke.. :( safeguard used on goats is only effective for tapeworm - go to the feed store  (call first) tractor supply usually has it - and get a bottle of injectable ivermectin PLUS (can be Ivomec PLUS or Noromectin PLUS) - MUST be PLUS  it has the needed medication for liver fluke - inject it only.. do NOT give it orally -  I use 1cc/40lbs - do not overdose..  repeat in 10 days and again in 10 days.. here is my article on this topic explaining everything in great detail with  illustrations - in addition you may want to grab a bag of calf manna pellets (high in nutrition) and some redcell liquid for horses to give to them  to boost them
I hope you have caught this in time  - I am so sorry for your loss -


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