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We have a very friendly female alpine goat that knows that she is princess of the farm. Lately, however, she has started to go up on her hind legs and butt at people coming into the barnyard. Why is she doing this and how can we stop her?

How old is she? If she is only 1 or 2 these are her "teenage" years and she is trying to establish her alpha over everyone in "her" pen.  Even older goats can start their alpha trials later. One option is for anyone going into her pen should walk up to her quickly and taking two fingers rap her across her nose very hard saying "no" or "back off" in a very harsh voice - repeat this as often as necessary, but usually if she finds out that others are the aggressor/alpha then a simple "no" will keep her from acting up.   You can also "drop her" - standing with her side flat to your legs you then reach over the top of her and grabbing the lower legs closest to your legs you pull gently but firmly and she will drop to the ground flat, and then you must sit on her (gently of course) and allow her to throw a tantrum - that first tantrum will stop and you must continue to subdue her - usually within a couple of minutes she starts her second tantrum, but once that tantrum is done you should tell her "no" in a very harsh voice and then get up off of her - it may take her a few minutes to decide to stand back up.  This usually works very well.  Another way is to use a squirt bottle and spray her in the face with it (water only in it) and say "no" or "back off" - this sometimes takes a bit more time but can work.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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