I have a goat that is approximately 4 mo. old.  Her and her twin brother got into pig feed (her brother more so).  We tried to save her brother but he died - he was filled with froth.  His sister is now having the same problem but a day later.  She is still walking but from what we can tell she is not pooping.  We gave her the 1 tsp of tide soap with 2 cups of water and we also gave her baking soda.  We also tried giving her activated charcoal.  We walked her for 3 hours yesterday - today she is walking but her stomach is sloshing like there is liquid in her belly.  We have also rubbed her belly to get the gas out.  She is not crying in pain and she is urinating.  There doesn't appear to be a temperature.

Not sure where you got the recipe you are using but please stop that - no soap no baking soda - it does not clear the intestine just makes the bloat worse.  

No charcoal either - that is for poison.

Okay so if she ate pig feed she probably has constipation or obstipation and bloat (sides are filled up tight and looking like she swallowed a balloon?)  - start immediately on human mineral oil (any grocery store or drug store usually has this) - 1/2 cup per 75 pounds body weight given orally - would start your 4 month old probably on 1/4 cup - repeat every 2 hours for four dosings - after 20 minutes of oral drenching with the oil gently massage the left side of the abdomen - this is where the rumen is).  I also would give her a CDT toxoid booster - 2 cc to start with and repeat in 8 hours with another 2 cc - this is to keep enterotoxemia (over eating/stress) disease away.  The CDT toxoid injection should be given intramuscularly in the rear thigh muscle using a 20 gauge 3/4 inch needle - CDT toxoid is generally available at all feed stores.  

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