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QUESTION: I have two Nigerian Dwarf goats... One is hacking so bad! It almost seem like she is having an asthmatic attack..I'm not sure what is going on, her environment or feed hasn't changed and the other goat is fine... She is eating and drinking... Could she have lungworms? And how do I go about treating her/them for worms and how much and what kind of wormer should I give them...I feel so bad for her as she really struggle through these coughing attacks...Any advice is appreciated! Thanks, Debbie

ANSWER: Is there any snotty nose with this?  How long has this been going on? Otherwise looking okay? Has she had any new hay that is dusty?  If she is getting grain is it clean/not moldy?  Is is possible she has lung worms.  Where are you located?  For lungworms treatment is once a week treatment with Safeguard (fenbendazole) oral horse wormer given at three times the body weight of the goat to find the dosing on the plunger, place the lock at the next higher measurement and give orally, once a week for three weeks.  It is also possible that her hay is dusty and she is having an allergic reaction to it.  For this you could wet down the hay and give her Benadryl to help with the allergy and coughing.  Let me know - hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: How would I give her 3 times her body weight? Say she is fifty pounds... Would she then get 150 pounds? What if the plunger starts at 250 pounds?
How much Benadryl do I give? Do I give the human form?
I live in Jerome Idaho, and the other goat is fine..If the feed was dusty wouldn't she be affect by it too? I will wait for your next reply...

Thanks for your time, Debbie

Hi there - for 150 pounds would treat the 250 pound increment - you cannot overdose with the Safeguard horse wormer so no worries and it is always best to give a little more than less.  Re the Benadryl - I usually use children's benadryl liquid and this would be 1/2 teaspoon per 25 pounds twice a day - you will find it makes her a bit drowsy - if too drowsy you could start with once a day treatment and see how that goes.  Re the dust - some goats are more allergic than others to dust.  Hope that helps - Donna


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