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When we moved to Brooksville, Fl, seven years ago, we bought a mother goat and her baby which at the time the baby was about three months old.  They have been together ever since, just the two of them.  However this past Monday, we had to put mama goat down as she was suffering as a result of cancer per the vet who came to the house.  Baby goat now is all alone except for the ten hens which we have.  Will baby goat be able to get over the death of her mama, and be able to live alone without another goat, or should we purchase another goat?  If yes should it be a baby, or adult as herself?  Thank you for your time.  We just don't know which decision to make at this time.


Holly Wood

Sorry to hear of the loss. Some questions for you first.  How the baby acting?  Does she seem lethargic or "depressed"?  Is she eating and drinking okay?  Is she more talkative than normal?  Does she walk around as if she is looking for her mom? You can try some Ignatia, a homeopathic remedy designed for people that also works on animals - depends on the weight of the goat as to how much to give - these are little pellets that can be dissolved in a little hot water and then you give the liquid to the goat.  These are usually available at most health food stores, supplement stores,  natural food stores, etc., and online.  

If the baby is showing signs of extreme grief from the loss you could get another goat friend for her, but would get her size/age or perhaps a very laid back goat 1 to 2 years in age - there will always be head butting during the introduction phase but that should end in a day or two.  Hope that helps - let me know - Donna

Just as an aside, was the mother goat in pain? and so that is why the vet chose euthanasia?


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