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My goat had got his leg caught in our fencing while he was trying to get out of the pen (he loves to roam around our yard) his leg was caught about three feet in the air. He was able to have his front hooves on the ground while we cut him out, but he was clearly uncomfortable and hurt.
We thought for sure it would be broken but he's walking around, applying small amounts of pressure once in a while on the injured leg. But its swollen about three times the size of his leg around the ankle area under the knee. He's eating and drinking, but he is also grinding his teeth. I read somewhere to get baby aspirin but our local store doesn't have anything for kids besides Tylenol and Ibuprofen. I'm sure he will be fine in time but I would like to know if there's anything I can do for his pain. Thank you.

Hi there - sounds like a bad sprain/strain.  Would give one 325 mg human aspirin per 100 pounds body weight (crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cooled and given orally) every 4 hours for pain and swelling for at least 2 days.  Goats do not tolerate Tylenol or ibuprofen or other pain meds like that, only do well with aspirin.  Glad he is eating and drinking.  Grinding his teeth indicates he is in pain.  Keeping him in a very small stall would be important for the next week to 10 days, or until the swelling is down and he seems to be putting good weight on the leg.  Also if you have a natural food store around use of Arnica Montana homeopathic med works well for goats who have been injured - two pellets (dissolve in a little hot water, cool, and give orally - a little of the sugared pellet may remain and is okay to give too) - give once and then again in 2 hours - repeat on the second day.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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