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QUESTION: Hi Donna , a couple problems , 1st I have a boer doe in good health that I noticed a vaginal discharge yesterday white and thick and she was having a bit of difficulty peeing . Today she turned her nose up at feed so I know something is wrong . She is picking at food but not enough to satisfy me . Thinking a 3 day course of antibiotics , what do you think . The other is a 8 week old bottle buck that had mayby liverfluke , and or coccidian , has been treated for both , no diarrhea , but his face is swollen , appears that he is slightly animac . He is eating but notice he wants to lay around like its bothersome or painful to move around . Treating the anemia , but again wonder if antibiotics are in order here . 2 others have persistant diarrhea , there one day gone the next , don't know what to make of it HELP ? Thanks
P. S. Wondering if lack of selineum for the fellow with the swollen face and stiff joints ?

ANSWER: Hi there - did the Boer doe kid this year? Have you taken a temp on this doe? This certainly could be a urinary tract infection.  Would go 5 days - you can use either injectable or oral antibiotics - probiotics along with - and given aspirin to help with pain and inflammation.  Also, plenty of liquids - can give water or electrolytes or even cranberry juice.

Re the 8-week old kid goat - what color are the lower inner eyelids?  If these are pale pink to white then anemia would be the most likely issue.  Had he been eating well before this bout of symptoms?  Seeming painful to move around could be joint ill - was his umbilical cord dipped in iodine immediately after birth?  I would treat him with injectable antibiotics (would expect oxytetracycline would be one to choose here) for 3 days, probiotics, vitamin B complex, iron, and treat for barber pole or liver fluke (fenbendazole once a week for three weeks - dose depends on weight - let me know). If there is no green diarrhea then coccidia is not in the diagnosis.

Re the other two with diarrhea, what color is the diarrhea? Green is coccidiosis, yellow is enterotoxemia, white is E. coli, and brown is either infection or digestive upset.  

Selenium deficiency may be part of the stiff joints so would give dosing here as it will not hurt him anyway.  Swollen face can be from anemia/bottle jaw - with the jaw being the most swollen - or it can be an infection that has gone to the lymph system.  Would also give the little guy aspirin to help with inflammation and pain.

hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , after a little more inspection on the Doe it seems the discharge may actually be coming from her bum , as she had a poo very slimy and some white discharge . The kids with diarrhea the poo is dark green not like water , but thick runny , am treating for coccdia . All my kids on bottle are in pens now and I bring food to them , to much rain here . The guy with the swollen face his eyelids are mostly white , but no bottle jaw , swollen cheeks and around the eyes very puffy . I wormed them all yesterday with safeguard horse wormer , i'm also giving the swollen guy iron twice a day starting today . Sorry about the wrong simptoms on the doe , might be a stomach issue ?

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  So have you seen the doe peeing then?  White/slimy/mucosy discharge from the rectum definitely indicates something going on in the stomach/intestines - this can indicate worms or could indicate a bacterial infection of the intestinal system.  Might start her on oral antibiotics if you have them.  Did she have regular poop pellets before this discharge came on?  Sounds like other items for the little guys you are covering.  Donna

As an extra, perhaps the immune systems need to be helped a bit with either vitamin D3 daily or even selenium helps buck up the immune system.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Donna , the Bio-Sponge is here , and was wondering if this might be of any use on the doe , in case she ingested something nasty . As for dosing instructions , was never sure what you meant about an inch for little ones and three for adults . It is marked in cc , if you could give me instructions in these increments cc's that would be easier to understand . As for the Does poops , I believe she may have had clumps before . Thanks

So glad the BioSponge is there.  Yes, you can certainly give it to the doe - any time I think it is a digestive issue - worms, poison, etc. I give them one or two doses.  So for the doe would give three inches of the biosponge - shake well and then push it out onto your finger to about 3 inches in length, give orally.  You might repeat tomorrow.  Even for the little guys who have diarrhea I would treat them - again shake well and then push out one inch of the biosponge onto your finger and give orally.  Would be giving this to them twice a day.  Re the doe, sounds like it is worms that are giving her issues.  Hope this helps - Donna


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