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Hey Donna,
Lila Ann here hows everythings doing? I hope alls well goats, babies, yourself, hubby, weather. I'm still grateful for all u did so i want to make sure i keep in touch w/u. I wanted to ask u even though Migis gone my sister & brother-inlaw has to goats if i remember telling u. There names are ZIGGY & IGGY. & they wanted me to ask u if it is okay to put them in a trailer to show them in a farm fair like a petting zoo for children however its quite a-ways from where we live & i am afraid for them in getting shipping fever is this PNEUMONIA? & how far are they allowed to travel. Also how long can goats stay in the hot sun only b/c sometimes my stupid brother-in-law forgets to put them in the shade & i'm afraid they might get sunstroke. Duh!. Thanks so much Donna i really appreciate u as always. I still think about MIgi & miss him so much! Thanks Donna HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Much Luv,
Me & Migi

So good to hear from you - all is well hear - kid goats are growing big.  We've had great weather here for a week - that's our summer - but can't complain.  Traveling and being at a fair can cause stress on goats.  If these are older goats then the stress is not too bad but if they are younger goats it can indeed cause shipping fever, which is, yes, pneumonia.  Would start them on vitamin D, 1000 units, once a day starting three days before they go, during the days they are on exhibit and for three days once they return home. The vitamin D will help keep their immune system strong.  They can even give some oral antibiotics once a day either as an oral drench or in their water.  For most of the powdered antibiotics that are available, one teaspoon in a gallon of water or each could get 1/4 teaspoon of the powder mixed in a little sweetened/flavored water once a day.  They could even start the oral antibiotics when they start the vitamin D.  Making sure they drink plenty of water is important, especially in the warm/hot weather you might have.  Re the sun, they definitely need some shade - when I take mine to a fair or exhibit and there is no shade where I can park the trailer, I put up a small tarp for them so they always have shade available.  They may also want to put some electrolytes in their water while at fair.  Hope this helps - love to you and Migi.  Donna


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