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Hi Donna , last evening when I went and checked on this little fellow , I thought he would be dead this morning , nope , laid out on his side , I picked him up and got him on his very wobbly feet and he had a very long pee . Again as I went to work I really believed when back home he would be dead , again nope , and again laid out on his side with a very large poo behind him with the rottenest smell I have ever smelled . I've noticed this smell throughout his illness . The consistency is that of doe and normal color . I got him back on his belly at least and gave him water which he drank a lot , mayby a quart . I placed hand picked grass in front of him and he nibbled at it , as well as hay , but unless I stay there and keep proding him to eat it he soon gives up . His eyelid color is coming back so the iron is doing its trick . I'd like to give him some milk but I don't want to overdo it , so how much in this situation is enough to keep up what strength he has ? I still don't give him good odds but I will keep up with the treatment , he's in no pain just really sick . He is getting the pen as well as iron , probiotics , vitamin d and b50 complex , don't believe there's much more I can do . O I am worming for coccdia anyways to be sure . Thanks

Is he on penicillin? Would suspect this is more of an infection/pneumonia/leptospirosis - that would be my advice.  Might also use milk of magnesia to clean out his system.  1/4 cup every 4 hours.  The smell of his poop sounds like digestive issues that can be from pneumonia or lepto.  Hope this helps - Donna


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