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QUESTION: Hi Donna , I brought him out doors to air him out , so with good lighting I checked his gums and eyelids . White as snow still even the roof of his mouth . Its strange , no bottle jaw . He is still very weak and as before nibbling , better than nothing . I have been giving 1 cup milk twice daily and he is still taking water on his own . A local vet here , when they were allowed to give free advice once told me to give b 12 injections for the same problem . I remember I had success with this at 5 cc a day . Would this be safe with the iron which I am giving at 300 mg x 2 twice daily , so 600 mg each time , is this enough . He still has the runs should I give him something for this , don't have eletrolites at the moment , used to know how to make it . So overall condition of him , he is alert and inquisitive when the others are around and even try's to stand , but very weak , I would have to say declining if any thing as he could stand yesterday morn and can't now . Not sure what else I can do , still no pain , stomach feels a little full but not extreme . He is on his third day of penicillin at 1 cc twice a day . Thanks

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  B12 injections help with metabolism but not much else - use of thiamin/B1 is best and use of B complex with both of these in them is a good idea - but you must use 4 to 5 tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and then cooled and given orally at least twice a day for them to work. If you have the B12 injectable and want to try it, no worries there, can't hurt.  Pepto bismol is your best bet to stop the diarrhea.  There are some other human antidiarrheal over the counter meds that could help and you would be okay to use those.  If you add some sugar and salt to regular water/even flavored water, that works fine for electrolytes.  The diarrhea is still brown, correct? Would either increase the penicillin to a double dose for four injections or would switch to a different injectable antibiotic if you have it or even change to an oral antibiotic if you have something available.  Might try another dose of wormer - Safeguard if you have it but if not then what you were using before.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , don't look good for this fellow . Just got done doing his evening course of meds , and his cup of milk . I took hot soapy water to wash him up and wow , the flies had started laying eggs , and immature maggots , feeding on the feces , absolutely heart breaking . Anyways got all that washed up and dried and rubbed some bug deterant . Took a good look at him and noticed , anywhere there should be pink color is white . All his mouth is white , a little color in his tonge . I have never seen this level of animea . Can't be worms with the amount of wormer he had there would be improvement . He is really thirsty for water and almost every time i'm there he will drink . Is there some other kind of disease that can cause these symptoms . Mayby his liver has failed , there isn't any red blood cells left . New one on me . Hope you may have an answer or best guess ? Thanks .

Liver flukes or the barber pole worm are the two main culprits in goats that cause anemia (aside from a traumatic wound/injury).  With liver flukes and barber pole worm the use of Safeguard (fenbendazole) at three times the goat's body weight to find the dosing on the oral horse wormer tube is given once a week for three weeks - this generally will take care of the offending parasites.  Then it is as you have been doing with iron, probiotics, vitamin B complex.  The diarrhea could be from a secondary pneumonia which will come on when their immune system and overall systems are low on energy/strength.  Unfortunately it sounds like his little system just cannot cope too much longer - sorry - but you have done everything you could.  Donna


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