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Have been milking our LaMancha since april and she gives fantastic tasting milk.  All of a sudden in the past week it has been tasting off.  Not with a goaty taste or smell but just not right.  The milk tastes fine until the second day approximately 48 hours after we milk her.  We isolated all 3 goats that we milk and hers is the only one that tasted funny.  Did a paddle CMT test with negative results.  We drink our milk raw but thought we might pasteurize hers to see if that would help the taste as was wondering if it was a high bacterial count.    Will try that after tomorrows milking.   ANy suggestions on what to do or try?   She gives us 6 quarts of milk a day.  Have not changed any of our milking procedures or anything all year long, everything is the same.  Thank you for your help.

What grain is she on? What protein level? What is in her pasture? What is in her hay?, that is are there different weeds/flowers in the hay that she perhaps eats more of.  Goaty taste comes from high lactose in the goat's system or ingestion of feed that gives a different flavor to the milk.  Let me know - Donna


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