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My young 7 month old goat is very timid and scared of me. We bought her about 2 months ago.
She is a Nubian, alpine, and boer mix. She is a beautiful goat but she doesn't want to come near me. After 2 months, you would think that she would know and trust me but she doesn't.
I am ready to sell her to a good family as I just don't want to keep a goat that is scared of it's owner who cares for her.
I would really appreciate any advice you can give. I'm pretty discouraged about this.
Terry Woods

Keeping her on a lead to stay with you whenever you are out there with her - giving some favorite snacks too when you pull on the lead and bring her close to you - constant brushing, cuddling and hugging.  You can give her a human homeopathic remedy called Pulsatilla (helps with what I call "freakiness" in goats).  I give this to doe goats coming to our farm for breeding services by our buck as many are nervous and shy/timid when they arrive.  Dose for kid goats would be one of the little pellets either given orally (they dissolve in the mouth) or you can make a tincture by dissolving the pellet and then giving the liquid to the goat).  This is given once and then 2 hours later and you can repeat off an on as needed.  Hope this helps - Donna


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