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Goats/Is there something wrong with my 1 week old kid?


I have a 1 week old kid that seems to be nursing fine.  She eats dirt often.  She is runs around and plays just fine with her friend. Should I be worried?  No I don't have a mineral block for the mother.  She eats weeds, grass and grocery store scraps of all kinds.

As long as she is eating well, does not look thin, and is active I doubt this will do any harm.  Sounds like she is going to be an early browser and has already started actively searching for things on the ground and thus is eating some dirt - but is she really eating the dirt or is she just tasting it?  Most kid goats begin to mimic the other goats with trying to eat things but really cannot eat any roughage or browse until they are about 4 weeks old as they do not have a functioning rumen until about 4 to 6 weeks of age.  Hope If she stops pooping then would consider giving her some human mineral oil to help clean out her digestive tract.  Hope that helps - Donna


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