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Goats/1 month old pygmy all the sudden cant stand or walk


QUESTION: Our 1 month old doe was a healthy kid up till yesterday. She was fine until i went out to feed in the evening and saw her laying down and not getting up to eat. I examined her legs and didn't see any injuries. she didn't really cry at all and she still was eating she took a bottle. Her temp was 105, I gave her a BoSe shot also yesterday. cause i forgot to do it when she was first born. Anyways today she still cant get up and i try to hold her up and she crys also her temp is 104.5 today and her poop is normal it is not runny. I cant tell if she urinated today but saw she did yesterday when i stood her up. She drinks water and takes a bottle here and there. I am stumped and have no clue why she cant get up. I hope you can help me out and share your thoughts or opinion about my situation.

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay in answering.  She definitely has a fever (anything over 102.5) so she needs 1/4 of a 325 human aspirin, grind up well and dissolve in a little water, give orally, dosing every 4 hours until her fever is down.  She most likely has a pneumonia or another infection so needs to be started on penicillin at 1 cc intramuscularly in the thigh for the first dose and then twice a day at 1/2 cc (usually 3 cc/100 pounds body weight) for 5 days.  Also needs to have electrolytes for dehydration - use of pedialyte type is great - orally drench as often as you can.  You can also put a litt cold/wet cloths on her head and body just for a minute or two and repeat in 4 hours to help get that fever down - a high fever can cause neurologic residuals.  Is she still on a bottle?  Hope this helps - let me know - you can call me too if you'd like at 360-742-8310 Donna

Updated items:  Nice talking with you - glad she was started with the 1 cc.  So to review re our phone call, 1/2 cc penicillin intramuscular twice a day for a total of 5 days.  Probiotics - yogurt - one teaspoon mixed with a little water or electrolytes to thin so you can give it to her orally via a small dosing syringe.  Electrolytes to keep her hydrated.  Aspirin to get the fever down - 1/4 of a 325 human aspirin crushed and dissolved and given orally every four hours.  Can also use wet/cool wash cloth to put on her head and chest for a minute every few hours to cool her down.  Glad she was started on a bottle, hoping she will feel better with fever getting down and then drink some of the bottle for you.  Use of the selenium, two of the 200 mcg human selenium tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, and to that mix in the oil from a 400 IU vitamin D capsule and the oil from a 1000 vitamin E capsule, mix, cool and give orally today and tomorrow.  

The fever can cause kid goats to have difficulty standing and drinking.  The penicillin should cover for most infections - pneumonia is most likely culprit, but other items can happen.  Would get her a CDT toxoid vaccination 1/2 cc now to cover for possible enterotoxemia causing issues with her current illness.  

Hope this helps - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, the goats temp has went down but today i noticed just now that her front legs don't want to straighten out. and she cries out if i move them. What should i do to help her.

Thanks for the update.  This is sounding more like joint ill.  Continue with all above, including the aspirin even though it has brought her fever down, the aspirin will continue to help with pain and discomfort.  If her joints seem to still be tight/painful, would change her from penicillin to oxytetracycline - which is usually in LA200 (at the feed stores) and this is 4.5 cc/100 pounds body weight so would go 1 cc once a day for 4 days, also intramuscular.  The LA200 usually takes care of joint ill better than penicillin.  Do any of the joints feel hot to touch?  Hope this helps - keep me posted - thanks - Donna

Did you try to call me yesterday/Labor Day?  Sorry I could not get back to you but could not catch the phone number you gave and didn't remember it on my phone - I'm at a meeting this a.m. but should be available by 1 p.m. - Donna


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