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I have a Alpine goat and last night she didn't seem well, she refused her hay.
This morning she is laying in the lot and she is bleeting, but will not get up, I can't go into the lot because of a billy who will jump on my back and push me around, my son is on his way back from visting friends in W.VA, and will not be back until late this afternoon.  I just sold 2 of her kids 2 days ago and don't know if she is depressed about this or if she may need milking or if it is something more serious.  Can you give me any ideas, also I'm 66 and can't do alot of lifting.  Thanks

First off, I would definitely get the buck in his own pen - for your safety especially.  Once you can check her out I would check her udder to be sure this is not mastitis, would take a temperature (anything over 102.5 is a fever), would check her gums.  Is she pooping and peeing, is she drinking water, is she bloated?  She could certainly be depressed but she could also have a pneumonia or could have eaten something toxic, or could have mastitis, or could have ketosis, or be constipated, or a number of other items - checking her as soon as you can is imperative to knowing what is wrong with her and then being able to treat her without your safety being at risk.  If you do not have an extra pen for the buck you may need to put him on a dog runner.  Hope this helps - Donna

PS let me know answers to the above questions once you have had a chance to check the doe out and I would then be able to advise you on treatment options.  


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