QUESTION: I do not know temp.  He has been chewing cud but I think he is losing it.  I am very new to goats.  Bought him and 4 others from auction...(ugh)...3 are doing fine.  We live in southeast texas.  He got the scours about a week after we got home.  Took him to vet, they said he had parasites, put him on probios, Albon, and told me to worm him and all others with Valbazen.  I was to give probios til stool firmed,albon for 7 days, 1ml of valbazen.  I did.  3 days later after albon scours came back, 2nd goat got them.  Went back to the vet for 2nd goat, put her on probios, but, said worm both goats again, same amount. Goats weight app. 30lbs. I read in your stuff do 3-10's!!  Second goat just finished albon.  I have put Bullet back on it...he doesn't eat much and lays around.  He is drinking....feed store told me to put corid in drinking water for all goats.  I have seperated these 2 from healthy other 3.  I'm thinking Bullet may not live.  I'm feeding him (both of them) anything they might want to eat.....sweet feed, oats, medicated goat pellets, alfalfa pellets, alfalfa and regular hay.....I don't know what to do.  I've never done this before but I do hug my nanny daily (she's the only one that will let me), and I try to touch or squat and talk to all others.

Rectal temp is important to know  if there is fever which would indicate using antibiotic in the case possibly of pneumonia.. Shipping stress can bring on pneumonia and wormload as well as cocci - a low rectal temp will tell you if his body is shutting down.. normal  is 101.5 to 103.5  higher than 104 is fever lower than 100 is serious;   http://goat-link.com/content/view/100/91/

I use 1cc/10lbs orally (if it is the white liquid  valbazen )  so if you only gave a 30 lb goat 1cc - he is under dosed..  he needs 3ccs - repeat in 10 days, repeat in another 10 days.. What color is the inner eyelid membrane? Light or white means anemia.. http://goat-link.com/content/view/110/107/

Sweet feed  oats and all the pelleted feeds is very difficult to digest esp for a sick goat - better to get a nice alfalfa or green grass hay like a good orchard grass  - apples, bananas, lettuce (although it has no nutritional value)melons are all good.. NO avocados, no tomatoes or peppers, no pit fruits (cherries-peaches etc one pit in the center) the laying around and not wanting to eat makes me think pneumonia..  take his temp this is important.. Tylan 200 from the feed store is good for pneumonia.. http://goat-link.com/content/view/177/168/  I use 1cc/25lbs twice a day 12 hours apart - stings like the devil so prepare for hollering..  ALSO electrolytes and a little molasses in the water will help with energy - and any time you have a sick goat - B complex works wonders for  getting them back going again..  http://goat-link.com/content/view/172/168/   I use the fortified  or the plus.. I use 1cc/25lbs  injected SQ

A TBSP of baking soda wet with water and right into the mouth helps the pH in the gut which will help with digestion.. some goats make funny  vocal noises after , they don't like it.. but it's good for them.. also a container of baking soda offered free choice somewhere they wont pee in it not knock it over.. they will go to it when ever they need it..

First thing - take his rectal temp- use a regular digital thermometer-  this will tell you which direction to go..


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QUESTION: Temp is 104....he(wether?) weighs 30lbs.  Gave him 3cc of white valbazen. Going to get vitamin B...will give it today.  Do I need to do the antibiotic in case he has pneumonia?  His belly is big (down low) but he is sunk in, very skinny and bony looking.  His eyelid membrane is very light.  Is that from the worms?  He is nibbling on some alfalfa hay and he is up moving around, peeing, stool is soft, but not liquid.  I put baking soda out for all of them.  Do I only do the TBSP of soda one time by mouth?  Poor little guy, I pray he makes it.  :(

ANSWER: Yes - get the tylan200 if they do not have that, Tylosin 200 is the generic name - IF they do not have that and DO have tylan or tylosin 50 get that  but use 4 times as much (4cc/25lbs) same stuff but not as strong.. yes the anemia is from worms or cocci - the vit B is going to help him recover - twice a day - Penicillin is not for pneumonia..  dont let the feed store tell you it is..  IF they do not have any of the tylan/tylosin - the next best thing is LA200 - use the same way  - get some red cell or nutri-drench if they have it - an oral liquid for  nutrition - will help his anemia. You can do the B soda by mouth a couple times a day if his digestion (not cudding) slows down.. he needs to bring up cud - if he is.. not to worry about using the B soda more than once a day for a few days.. keep me posted :)

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QUESTION: Feed store did not have it, but Tractor Supply should have.  I will go to town tomorrow and get that and the liquid for nutrition.  Should I do a corid drench on him?  I've only been putting it in drinking water for all of them.   It looks like I would need to use 22cc the 1st day....11 cc for days 2-5?  Do I need to do the same thing for the little female....she just finished the albon yesterday?  Her temp. was 103, she's eating some, more than him, and she is pooping normal, but has been on probios.

Cindy -
I'd start the antibiotic for a day or so and see - go ahead and get the corid  but wait a day or so to start the drench and yes the amount is correct - leave her alone except for deworming -  always do the initial  10 day 10 day 10 day thing when you deworm your goats -  then only as needed - Keep check of his rectal temp as it will fluctuate - if it reaches 1-5  an aspirin will help it go down.. not advil or tylenol.. just a baby aspirin - with the tylan200 I usually see results in 24 hours.. continue twice daily injections  for 5 days - Let me know how things go.. my contact email is on my website  Goat-Link.com  


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