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QUESTION: 1. Rectal Temperature of goat ....Normal is between 101 and 103.5F I have no idea...
2. Is the goat ruminating? (Chewing Cud) always...
3. What part of the country are you located? PA
4. Is the goat having normal bowel and bladder function? Yes.
5. Is the goat eating and drinking? Always... she is not on her death bed... thank God.
6. Is the goat up and standing/walking or is the animal DOWN? She is walking around normally
7. Have you given any medication to the goat? If so..What? Two weeks ago I gave her a 5 day round of Penicillin. 3cc daily
8. What age is the goat? 10
9. How long has the goat been ill? since May
10. Male/Female/Breed? Nigerian Dwarf Doe
11. Exactly what feed has the goat been in contact with in the last 48 hours? She is getting a good grass hay and as access to a field for grazing. a few apple slices...

I have a 10 year old nigerian dwarf doe with a sore about an inch in diameter on her rectal area. It appeared a several months ago. This was shortly after she got sick and started losing weight. I brought her to the vet and she told me that the only thing she could find wrong with her was a runny nose and a mild parasite infection. I don't remember the name of the parasite, but it was not one that is killed with Ivermectin or normal dewormers (I alternate my worm meds)... the vet gave me this weird orange stuff to give her and my other 14 goats. The vet also recommended a round of penicillin, which i did. this was in May

the vet did not think her parasite infection was bad enough to cause weight loss... she also told me not to worry about the sore because it was very small and not infected... the vet though she had bumped her bottom on something.  Shortly after this I realized she had lice under her cashmere...I shaved and treated her and she seemed to be her old self again...

accept for this ever growing rectal sore... two weeks ago I gave her 3 cc of penicillin for 5 days. it did nothing... I have been putting antibacterial ointment on it everyday... but nothing changes.The sore drys out and then cracks and bleeds... any ideas?

Quite honestly I think I would find another vet to see her and do a skin biopsy - skin issues are some the most difficult to determine -  it could be a fungal infection or  it could be cancerous. But if she were mine and it has gone on this long, I would call around to see if another vet could do a skin scraping and test it..


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Goat sore
Goat sore  
QUESTION: Thank you for your help. :)

I made an Appointment for her for tomorrow with a different vet.

do you really think it could be a tumor? This is a picture of it when its dry... and then it will crack and bleed... it will look wet for a few days, but not ooze anything. I treat it daily with anti-bacteria stuff. You will notice in the picture she does have a few smaller sores also around her rectal area they also seem not to be healing, but they don't crack and bleed. I have seen her rub her rectum on the cattle panels.

I though maybe it was a case of sore mouth because when i came back from school in May she had scabs on her ears and so did a few of my other goats (they are all healed now), but then I wasn't sure if the scabs were a result of the lice they had or something else. But sore mouth doesn't last for 3 1/2 months? I don't really know what sore mouth looks animals have always been very healthy. aside from this year when they got lice...

I love all my goats, but she has a very special place in my heart because i've had her for ten years and she was my first goat...

the reason this has gone on so long is because it was a very small sore (last May) and the vet told me not to worry and then I left a week later for an internship overseas and didn't come back until a few weeks ago... and I was shocked to see how big it got... and I have to leave again in 5 days for my last year of college.

HI Jane,
I have seen this on another pygmy goat (oddly her pygmy  almost looks exactly  like this one- the coloring is the same ) - UNfortunately the owner did nothing about it and I have no contact with them anymore so I do not know how it turned out.. it does almost look like soremouth but I too would think by now it would have run it's course and been gone.. BUT maybe the constant itching she is doing on it is keeping it  raw -  Please let me know what the vet says - what concerns me about it possibly being cancerous is the fact it is not healing and is getting larger - Please let me know what the vet says - I hope it is nothing  serious.



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