Hi Donna , an update on the doe with bowel problems . One dose of your bio sponge and she was up and eating like she never was sick . I also wormed her . The little bucks that were anemic both died , and another last night to entrotoximea , not real sure what brought that on but was definitely fast . By the time I got to him with bio sponge he was to weak to swallow . Was wondering if cold milk could do this as his bottle was not heated ? As for my question , about nutrition of weeds when they are dried . I have a field that was at one time hay but after years of neglect has become a mix of hay and some very colorful weeds . One I believe is purple loose strife , I spell it like it sounds , I'm sure it is wrong . The other stuff is briers roses daises etc . None of it appears poison to them as they like it green and go nuts over it when I dry it . So if I store up this stuff does it have nutritional value , and I'm talking 4 acres of it ? Thanks

Thanks for the update.  Glad the doe is better.  Sorry about losing the two little guys. Re "enterotoxemia", are you sure that is what it was? Did all have white to pale lower inner eyelids still? Generally cold milk should not bother kid goats, it can cause some rumen issues but nothing that should cause entero or death.  Most likely the pasture would be great for the goats - nutrition wise I would also assume it would be good for them - probably has 10 to 11% protein and of course lots of vitamins and minerals.  4 acres of that should do them all well, and the drying just makes it more sweet to smell and taste - if you do cut it best time is to cut it extremely early in the a.m. so all the nutrition is still in the leaves and stems, once mid morning hits all those goodies are drawn back into the soil, then they go up again early morning.  Hope that helps - Donna


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