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QUESTION: Hi Donna , I have an old (10) year old Lamancha Buck , has been healthy up to now , and has been wormed . I think the old guy may have had a heart attack . I probly shouldn't have but I put a young 3 year old doe with him and he's been chasing her for a few days , came home tonight and he is down , ears are down , and a lot of mucus running from his nose , and in these last couple hours raddling in his chest . I have not ruled out pneumonia , but hasn't shown any signs of distress till today eating fine . Don't know , guess the doe may have been to much for him , any ideas ? I'm not going to put a lot into this fellow , will continue the pen if he is still alive morning , and try to make him comfortable . He's lived a long time for a buck . The old fellow who gave him to me is almost as ancient as the goat . LOL .
     RE: Fuzzy Face , has improved a lot still off her front legs but I have been working with her standing and massaging them . She is trying now to stand on her own , poops are normal , eating like a horse . She had her 4th selenium dosage last night .

ANSWER: Hi there - sounds like stress has caused pneumonia.  Would start him on penicillin and probiotics.  One of my bucks is going on 14, still serviced 5 does this last breeding season.  Every buck is different in old age, and anything over 10 years is a good age for a working buck.  

Re Fuzzy Face, glad she seems better.  Did you give the selenium intramuscularly?  I really like the oral selenium/E/D all at once as they seem to have a quicker response, but if she is going along improving then you could give the dosing again day 7 and 10 from the first dosing.  She may need double the dose of vitamin D to help get the selenium working.  Hope this helps - thanks always for the updates - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , gave him 6cc fast acting pen a few hours ago , and just checked on him . His breathing is really laboured now , and I don't expect him to make it , a shame really , beautiful old fellow . I think he did manage to breed the doe though . He's a big boy I hope I gave enough pen , around 175 lb or more . Thanks for your help .

ANSWER: 6 cc sounds good (3 cc per 100 pounds body weight) - well, if he does go sounds like he could have left a good legacy - maybe you'll get a nice buckling from the doe.  Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , the old fellow passed last night , as I expected . Seen this before , pneumonia acts so fast in goats , how do you ever catch it ?
   RE: Fuzzy Face is stronger and still eating , but I noticed she has a little congestion , which she was able to clear with a couple little coughs . I've learned not to take this lightly especially where she was so sick . I have a needle of pen ready at 3 cc is this amount ok for her first shot and perhaps 2 cc twice a day after this . She's still on vitamins and always probiotics . She's come to far to lose her to pneumonia , but this is always a possibility in times of stress , and the weather has changed a bit cooler at night now . Thanks .

Sorry to hear about the old guy.  But we all know it can happen.  Re the Fuzzy Face I would go with the 3 cc as a first dose and then 1.5 to 2 cc twice a day after this.  

Re catching pneumonia, if a goat seems depressed/down/slow/not eating as they normally do or just not acting as they normally do, I immediately start them on penicillin - I don't wait for other symptoms - a vet would say this is wrong but when I start them early usually it is a good end result.  Even with kid goats who may be a few days old and they look like something is wrong but there are no other symptoms to point me to another illness I start them on penicillin.  One time when we went on a short few day vacation/hike, I had a gal caring for the goats and she had goats of her own and I trusted her - when I came home she was still out feeding and I always check the goats out as soon as I get home.  I looked out into one field and saw one of my does who just did not look herself - I said to the gal that the doe looked like she had a fever - indeed when we checked her temp it was 105 - so penicillin started and she did great.  

Hope this helps - Donna


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