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Hi Donna,
Missed talking to u! Hows all the goats & babies if any.. Boy if i was living close to u i would love to have u give me a baby goat to raise LOL! but i would have to live very close to u in case anything should go wrong. U know sometimes when i'm alone i think about getting another goat but it would only be if i had someone to help me out u know someone whos very experienced like u however there aren't alot of experience owners here & b/c of the lack of livestock vets here makes it so difficult to own another goat..I notice over there there are alot of livestock vets so no problem there. My biggest fear with Migi was not being able to get him help whenever he needed it so that was my biggest fear, that is y even though i miss him dearly i am reluctant to own another one but thank god for internet videos i watch them often & have so much fun just watching them play especially the ones by chickenchaps farms. When i go & google video of baby goats playing i always watch her videos b/c there are black/white ones, black ones, brown too. I can sit for hours just watching them play. Anyway just wanted to talk with u & keep in touch with u i miss our talks even though Migi is gone i still have his ashes with me along w/a picture of him & yesterday i bought a silvertone heart frame & i'm going to blow up a nice picture of him & put it in the frame. Anyways say hello to hubby & everyone & give all the goats & babies a big HUG & KISSES from me okay! Take care & i'll talk to u again.

Me & Migi

Hi there - good to hear from you - we're good here - had a doe kid late in the season so have two more newborns to raise - just 7 days old right now - busy, busy.  Re livestock vets, unfortunately most of these vets still don't know anything about goats - they just lump them in with sheep and cows and that's not good.  Just answered a question on this site where the vet had them give the goat two different antibiotics at the same time - so the antibiotics canceled each other out and so no help for the goat, and the goat is not doing well - so sad.  But, I keep trying to help where I can.  

Again, so good to hear from you - take care - love to you and Migi. Donna


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