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Hi Donna , the kid that is starved has begun to rebound . I did a bit of research on Selenium and found you can give a second dose , which I did yesterday . This morning to my happiness , she once again can at least stand on her two back legs and front knees . Her poops are normal , and she is really eating a good amount of hay . It is evident that the Selenium has done it's job , Question , do I dare push it and tomorrow give a third injection ? or should I wait and continue the B-50 complex and probios . Her gums remain rosy pink and eyelids . I have zinc here also and D-3 if these can help . She has a long ways to go but she has also a tremendous will to survive . I've named her Fuzzy Face because yesterday her facial hairs were standing out like she was cold , I suspect a small fever which is not evident this morning . Thanks

I think I had said before my regimen was the oral selenium, D and E once and then a second day and possibly a third day.  For her age the amount of selenium/D/E would be 750 mcg (not quite 1 mg) plus 500 of the E and 400 of the D.  Since she is improving I would go again with a third injection.

D3 is always helpful - 2,000 IU is a good amount or more if you have it at least once a day until she is a lot better.

I would also go with B complex and probios now, I start these as soon as I see a goat is ill - they cannot hurt.

The fluggy facial hairs generally indicates a chill - can be just from her being cold which I suspect as her symptoms show system malfunction.  Could also be chills from fevers, but this would only occur if her fever were at 104 or about that.  If she had that high of a fever she should be on aspirin.

Hope this helps - Donna


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