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Hi Donna , appears the diarrhea has stopped for now , but she is still not strong enough to fully stand . I gave her 1cc of selineum and need to know do I repeat that or is this a one time deal ? I have seen this a few times before and it didn't turn out well , but and I do mean but , the bio -sponge I believe has turned the ties on this . Normally a kid this bad would have died a few days ago , not moving around and such . I believe the bio has stopped toxins from building up , the bloat causing kind from the milk . She is eating a bit more hay as long as it's the weeds that I have dried , in fact all the kids are hooked on this hay and weed combo , can't get them to touch the nice horse hay I have now . I hand mowed with a sythe 2 acres and stored it loose in my mow for winter . Thanks

Would give her iron for energy.  Re the selenium did you add the D and E with it?  Also re the selenium for kid goats I give it once then again the second day and possibly a third day. If you can get some high fat product down her that might also help - milk replacers are high in fat along with yogurts too.  Are they up to date on their CDT toxoid? I have found the biosponge to be my best first aid content.  Glad she is at least eating some roughage.  Donna


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