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QUESTION: Hi , I live on the southern tip of Nova Scotia , Canada . I have a 4 month old lamancha cross alpine doe . She was given to me a week ago along with 2 others one of which was poorly and anemic , this one I wormed and gave iron and all the other goodies , and she has recovered very well . The cross doe was terribly starved , skinny and a case of diarrhea which lasted 4 days . She was up and about falling down occasionally till she could stand no more , so she is down now . She is alert and eating some hay a bit of feed i.e. goat ration , and 8 oz of milk twice a day . She is getting b50 complex , vitamin d , was giving 3 cc penicillin but stopped because there's not enough muscle to give it safely . She is better except she cannot stand , and she try's up on her front knees and try's to push her rear end up to pee or poop , and her poop is mostly normal now . My concern now is her legs will grow stiff or atrified without use . I do roll her on her side and flex her back legs and try to get her to push against my hand as she does very feebly . What can I do to get her up ? or is this the way it will go till she is stronger ? Any advice would be appreciated .
     RE ,, the kids with the liver fluke all died but 2 , a total of six , found out they contracted Red River Bacteria also and went like they had entro toxemia . The 2 I saved were given penicillin along with big does of Valbazen , that's all they have here for Liver Fluke . I have however got a bottle coming of ivermec plus from the states . Thought you would like to know . Thanks .

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ANSWER: HI Barry -

Looks like you have really been through the wringer - I'm sorry for that. I would add to her daily diet, a couple tbsp of red cell or lixotinic (horse supplements) or even nutri drench -  will give her added vitamins and minerals..  work with the legs daily and yes she could atrophy.. stand her up on her feet holding her between your legs for support, place her feet properly and hold her there for 5-10 minutes.. a few times a day.. when she gets a bit stringer,  open your legs enough where she is standing all by herself..  do this for  awhile.. a few times a day.. progress to doing this but help her feet take steps..  still balancing her - this may take weeks..  all this along with daily massage and stretching.. most of it is due to weakness some is due to  insecurity - Bringing back a goat in this bad of shape takes months.. Valbazen is fine,, 1cc/10lbs is what I use. Remember to repeat in 10 days form the first dose and a third time 10 days later too.. Careful on the VitD it accumulates in the liver - the B vitamins pee out..
ALSo if her feet buckle you can strengthen them by using some of that cold weather pipe insulation  that comes as a tube  with a split down the side..  cut a section off and open it at the split - place it around her knee or ankle where ever she is buckling.. and wrap with vet wrap to keep it on..  


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QUESTION: Hi , this morning there is a noted improvement as she once again can stand on her hind legs by her self , but not the front ones . I did as you said massage and held her between my legs , but those frond legs are definitely buckling even when I hold them but there is some strength as she once tried to bear her weight . Her appitight again has improved and each day she is eating more . Her gums are nice and rich pink as well as the eyelids . I took a sturdy box and placed it upside down , and cut leg sized openings in it to fit her body . It is an couple inches shy of her height and lets her flex all her legs and stand if she so chooses . I made it as comfortable as possible and she doesn't seem to mind . Looks good to see her move those front legs . I also repeated the selinium injection a half cc and one last injection od A-D , VITAMIN . Question ,, my Ivomec plus is in , should I continue with the Valbazen as the 10 day follow up or switch to the Ivomec .? Thanks for your help , by the way the write up on Baby Girl was as heart warming as I've ever read and equally as sad . She was definitely a wonderful Goat .

HI Barry ,
:) Thank you (BabyGirl) I miss her so..
Looks like you are coming up with some good ideas.. (Our idea on the  baby walker didn't work as you could see in her story.. and she was not happy with me ) it will take awhile.. I'd switch to the Ivomec PLUS for the next 2 dewormings, inject it.. work with her a few times a day.. Keep me posted..  I will be going on vacation from ALLExperts near the end of the month ( busy time at work) SO.. keep in touch via my website contact.. I think I will be here till around the 24th or 25th..



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