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Goats/young doe straining to pee


I am helping out and older man with his does and he has got a doe that had a set of twins about two weeks old. When he called us and we got there the baby's navels were crusted and they smelled awful. We brought the mom and baby's home with us and doctored and got the infection stopped in the navel. Also we wormed them. We lost one of the does today. She was having problems peeing. She would strain and strain and only a small amount would come out. When she died we could here lots of water in her sloshing around. The sister is doing better and she pees more but she is doing the same thing just not as bad. She is eating and jumping around. Never had to deal with this before I am stumped. Please help!!!

Hi Karen,

Is it possible that this was a premature birth? perhaps the urinary tract was malformed or wasnt formed well enough. it sounds to me like there was a variety of problems with the kids, possibly the mother. The navel infection is normal however I would keep an eye on it to make sure its not an umbilical hernia. if it remains swollen or grows, get the doeling to a vet pronto! As for the doe retaining water, Im not 100%. With it being a young doe i wouldnt assume it would be urinary caculi. She may have just been weak and her kidneys shut down. Thus causing urinary problems. Are they nursing from the mother? if so I would make sure the mother is free from any disease that can be passed on. Keep loose minerals in front of both goats to give them extra if they need them.

Hope I helped a little.



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