My 8 month old female goat, whom I love to death, foundered about two weeks ago. Her hooves have rotated inward. Will this be permanent? AND- I cannot seem to find ANYONE in the Los Angeles/ Ventura County area that can trim hooves. I have had two vets by her, but both do not work on goats (even though they said they did). They missed her foundering until it was too late.I need a referral for someone who can trim her hooves frequently so her feet can go back to normal. I have her on Meloxicam 15mg twice per day, but how long can she be on it? is this a normal dose? I see different dosages everywhere I read. I would be forever grateful if you can help me. I have called UC Davis, but they do not know anyone, and i also called Goat World without success. please help me if you can. Thank you so very much!

Hi Linda.

As far as dosages go it depends on how much the doe weighs. For a standard size doe the 15 ml sounds about right. Goats have a fast metabolism so the dosages need to be substantial. The inward facing hoofs is severe from the sounds of it. It is really quite easy to trim hooves. Look up fiasco farms.com and tu have an abundant amount on trimming hooves. However because they are foundering you will need an experienced trimmer. Often times I find it easiest to ask an experienced "goater" who has raised goats for a while to help. There are not many goat vets out there. If you can send me a photo of the does feet I can give you further advise. Goat wisdom on Facebook may help you too . It's a group of farmers who help each other with issues. You may find someone near you who knows of a vet. Also hoegger supply on Facebook is a good resource for contacts.

Hope this helps a little !



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