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QUESTION: Hi Donna , Fuzzy Face today has finally taken a few steps . She still has one weak joint on her right forward leg , which causes her to stumble . Once down she try's to stand but still hasn't the strength . I place her back on her feet and she gets around for awhile . I gave her a seventh selenium shot yesterday as well as her last shot pen for the cold she had , now gone . I'm still giving vitamins as well as the d3 . Was wondering if I dare give another selenium shot tomorrow ? seems this is the stuff that's getting her up and going . I should mention she is actually putting on some flesh , eating everything in sight plus a bottle twice a day . I think I can safely say she is going to make it , and what a doll she is . Thanks .

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  How much vitamin D are you giving with each injection.  This is Bo-Se injectable, correct?  You may need to up her D oral to get the selenium to work its best.  But, with that said, it sounds like she is coming along nicely.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , vitamin D3 i'm giving 1000 iu daily , human kind , mayby that's to much , not sure . The selenium  I use is called Selon-E , ACTIVE INGREIENTS : Selenium ( as sodium selenite 3.0 MG ) AND dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate ( vitamin E ) 136 IU , ALL THIS IN 1 ML . I looked this up on line and it is safe as far as I can tell . If I need change something please let me know , she's doing well and I want to keep her headed in that direction . Thanks

ANSWER: Thanks for the info - so it sounds like there is just not enough vitamin E (I am surprised).  Most selenium/E injections are 2 mg selenium to 1000 IU vitamin E. What it sounds like is that there is not enough vitamin E to get the selenium to work when the animal is already deficient in selenium.  I would also give oral vitamin E extra, at least 1000 IU to go with the 1 mg of selenium.  Injectable selenium easily can cause toxic effects and that's one reason I don't use injectables anymore, nor have I for 15 years or more.  Hope this helps.  Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , I gave her another selenium shot tonight and 1200 iu vitamin E . Should I keep giving the E , and also the D-3 ? She definitely is gaining weight and much more vocal , not so feeble , only thing holding her back is that one leg . The problem right now is I work pretty steady , so there's no one to put her back on her feet when she falls . She does get around nicely till she falls , but put her back on her feet and off again . Saturday I'll be home to work with her . Thanks

Did you give her the vitamin D at the same time with the E and the selenium injections? I might add zinc, copper (1200 ppm for adult goats), vitamin C, calcium, biotin - these all help with muscle strength - what do you have on hand/available to you? I usually use infant vitamin drops that usually have a little of everything above.  Let me know - Donna


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