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On May 2nd we brought a 4 week old buck into the pasture, thinking he would not be fertile for at least another 5 months. 2 weeks ago we found out they are fertile at 7 weeks. My doe is about 5 years old. Although she is getting fatter and fatter every week and the person ( with out seeing ) said she more than likely pregnant we are unsure. Other: She is getting slower, and it seems like her utter is growing. Under he belly infront of her utter there is like this tear-drop spot. Her udder is a 2 and 1/2 inch drop of her belly. ( sorry I can't post a picture! I will be sure to later! ) Well anyway, thanks so much! - Maddy

Hey Maddy,

Well, while I have never had a buck successfully bred a doe until they are past 3 months, they do become fertile and able breed a doe at 7 weeks. If you have a particular buck who is showing breeding interest then its possible shes bred. its the right time for her to be forming an udder too. She would be roughly in her 4th month of pregnancy. She would have some mammary tissue growing. Is it possible another buck bred her through a fence? if no, then im willing to bet your buckling did breed her. A photo would be helpful as far as an udder would go.



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