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I have a 4 month old little doe. She was a twin. Her sister died of coccidiosis 2 months ago. Her mother died of a suspected heart condition 1 month ago. Her name is Annie, & now she is fighting so hard for her little life. When the coccidiosis was verified, the entire herd was treated for 5 days with Corid. There was great improvement in them all! However, Annie developed bottle jaw. I de-wormed her using Panacur & followed up with Ivomectin. I have given her B-Complex injections, as well. I had separated her, for her own safety, as she is quite a bit smaller than the others. Her jaw returned to normal. She was eating & drinking very well on Tuesday. However, on Wednesday, I found her unresponsive & unable to move. Ants had gotten all over her & were actually coming out of her ears & rectum. I moved her immediately & cleaned her up. I had electrolytes on hand and was able to get her to take them by drench. I have given her another injection of B-Complex, as well as Red Cell. Her poop is normal. Heart rate & respirations are normal. Her temp was normal last night, but has been falling. Her gums are no where near pink. I cannot check her eyelids because the ants stung her & she cannot open her eyes. She makes pitiful sounds occasionally, but responds now when she hears my voice by trying to wag her little tail. What else can I do for her? It doesn't look good & I don't want her to hurt. Anything you can offer will be appreciated.

Hi tiffiny,
I feel for you here. Its always hard when you loose animals, especially when you work so hard to keep them well.
My best advise is as follows:

There is an old wives tell that my grandmother taught me, if you stick your finger in the kids mouth and it is cold, the kid has given up. once the mouth gets cold its very hard to keep the kid alive.

It could be a case of Floppy Kid Syndrome. Often times kids will get this if their immune system is down. However it is unusual to see this in a kid so old.

As hard as it is, I believe with the ant bites, and listlessness I would say the most humane thing to do is to euthanize her if she does not perk up soon.

I would make one last effort by giving her more redcell and vit-b. get her inside if you havent already and if you can tube feed her some milk. I know shes probably weaned at this point but its better than nothing. try and get some bounceback. it can be found at feed stores. its an electrolyte powder.

I would recommend if you can and IF she doesnt make it sending her body in for tests.

with out being there to see the kid, this is unfortunately all I can offer you.

Best of luck



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