Hi , I have a goat a bit on the lean side a fellow gave me a while back . She had runs , result of worms so I wormed her for everything I could think of and cleaned up the runs . Poops are normal but I feel she should be gaining more weight . I used Amprolium for cocidia and valbazen for other critters initially and a month ago ivermectin plus when her poops became soft , and this also cleared up the problem . Since then she has become pregnant , she is 80 lbs and I have increased her feed . What is safe to use here on in where she is pregnant . I am in Canada so we are restricted to some wormers . I have the valbazen , and the ivermec injectable , both kinds , normal and plus . I can get safeguard goat wormer liquid and any type of horse wormer . What do you recommend ? Thanks

If you see worms in the poop, its probably tape worms. Panacure is best used for this. Safegaurd works too.

Panacure is used for tapes and is safe for use in pregnant goats.

Ivermectin is safe for pregnant does. the injectable is better given as a oral treatment.

Valbazen is covered in controversy. Some say to not give it at all during pregnancy, others say that you need to just not give it within the first 45 days. It can cause birth defects or a natural abortion. I personally do not recommend it, better safe than sorry.

SafeGaurd is used for pregnant does but there is a wide resistance for this wormer.

Tramisole and Levasol are both safe for pregnant animals.

When I was studying worms and the resistance to wormers i found this site very helpful in not only worming but all your goatie needs.


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