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Goats/Yearling Boer Grind teeth


I have a yearling boer pet that has started to grind his teeth. My wonderful vet is out of town.

I am somewhat concerned because he is acting a little off and grinding his teeth hard.

Here is what I have noticed:

Grinding teeth constantly. He usually does this once in a while this is excessive.

Not very interested in his grass hay but still enjoys carrot pieces and his 3oz of general purpose grain every other day. I also give Mana goat treats.

Almost seems to chew grass with front teeth. Drops it.

His tongue color changes from grey to pink. He has some dark coloring normally. But this is different.

Temp is normal.

Poop normal

Urine normal

Eye color light pink

I have done the following:

Giving electrolyte (Mana goat)


Giving oral B complex

3ml red cell once a week

He is wormed by rotating Safe Guard and Ivermectin.

What do you think?  I am worried about him losing condition and taking a dive. He seems off and a bit wobbly again. When I got him last year we fought a long battle with cocci and polio.

He has his same age half brother nubian cross as company. Lambert is quite pushy and the boss.

Thank you for your assistance.

Thanks for all the info.  What exactly is his temperature?  Anything over 102.5 would indicate a fever.  How long has he been grinding his teeth?  Grinding of the teeth indicates he is in pain.  Do wild animals have access to their pasture? I would start him on penicillin injectable (intramuscular using thigh muscle and 20 gauge 3/4 inch needle), twice a day at 3 cc/100 pounds for 5 days.  Continue with probiotics and vitamin B complex (with thiamin).  Re the polio, that is always a secondary disease to another illness.  No foam at the mouth? Let me know - Donna


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