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QUESTION: I have a baby goat which I have been bottle feeding now for 6 days. She was disowned by her mother and has a very severe breathing problem. It is very laborious but she has a very good appetite. I was wondering if I could give her prednisone for this problem. She is currently on pennicilian

ANSWER: When you say she is having a hard time breathing, is she foaming at the mouth or through the nose, or coughing? What is her temperature? How long has she been on penicillin and how much and has it been intramuscular injections?  Is she pooping okay? This sounds like a pneumonia or a bronchitis.  Usually starting on penicillin intramuscular injection in the thigh muscle is best given at 1/2 cc twice a day for 5 days.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: There is no foaming , just breathing very hard, almost like panting. My husband has given .05 of pennicilian for this2 days once a day and yes he is giving it in the thigh area. She has no problem with bowel or urinating. Do you think I could give her the peridisome? I'm worried it will turn into pneumonia.

Is that .5 cc which is one half cc or is it really 0.05 cc?  If 0.05 cc then that is not enough at all to treat for pneumonia.  Usually I start a newborn with 1 cc of penicillin and then go to the half cc twice a day.  Prednisone is a bit strong for newborns.  You can give children's benadryl, 1/8 teaspoon twice a day.  And it is probably pneumonia and this can take a kid goat down quickly.  Would take her temp when you have a chance.  Sometimes pneumonia does not come with a fever but sometimes it does.  Anything over 102.5 is a fever.  I am assuming you are keeping her indoors with you.  Hope this helps - let me know.


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