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it is supposed to be -10 F (actual) tonight at my house.
I have 2 pygmy goats, 5 and 11 years old.
3 Nigerian dwarfs 1.5 years old.
pygmy female in one stall by herself and 4 males in another stall.
they are in a barn. all outside doors are closed.
I have a heat lamp that is 750 watts.
is -10 temp going to be a problem?

It certainly sounds like a cozy place and one that will keep them out of wind chill.  With the info you have given me it sounds like they should be able to tolerate the cold.  If possible feed them hay/alfalfa this evening as when the rumen is working it helps warm them up.  Also, giving them an extra amount of bedding to snuggle down into and keep them off the ground should also help. Hope that helps - Donna


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