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3 year old, one month from kidding, diarrhea, (fixed that) away from herd, ruminate down, gave 20cc of antitoxin and probioas vit b complex, I did worm her 3 days ago, she has had probios everyday, Today she's down and won't get up, grinding teeth.

Please call 3607428310.  Am away from internet.

Just got home so had not heard from you and figured I would send a response.

Does she have a sweet sickly smell to her breath?  What feed regimen is she on/is she on alfalfa? Grinding teeth indicates pain.  What antitoxin did you give - tetanus or Clostridium?

What has weather been like for you? What color was the diarrhea?

This may be a pneumonia and I would start her on penicillin intramuscular injection twice a day (thigh area is best) at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight, for 5 days.  Would keep up with probiotics and B complex (with thiamin), and if she is not eating make her a mixture of oatmeal, molasses, electrolytes to give as an oral drench until she is eating again.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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