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Goats/doeling not thriving


I have a 9 month old Nubian doe who was doing great until a few months ago. She started losing weight, but acts fine. She shivers in the cold weather. I noticed that she doesn't have any kind of winter fur. Her mother and brother are the same way, but don't seem to be bothered by the cold. All my other goats have a thick undercoat.
The doe is negative for a heavy wormload, but I did worm her (Safeguard, ivermectin), just in case. She gets a balanced goat feed, free choice goat minerals, plenty of mixed grass/clover hay and fresh water. Tried putting a sweater on her but she always gets it off! Any ideas would be appreciated!

What color are her lower inner eyelids? Has she been tested for CAE? Any cough or runny nose that you have noticed? Is her poop regular pellets?  If her lower inner eyelids are light pink to white then she is anemic and probably this is due to barber pole worm or liver flukes (not taken care of by regular worming/needs a different regimen) and would also need iron given to increase red blood cells.  The weight loss can also be from a selenium/D/E deficiency, even if goats are provided free choice minerals that is sometimes not enough for each goat's needs.  Does this doeling get pushed away from food?  Are you sure she is getting her fair share? Re keeping her warm, I use people sweatshirts or dog coats and these seem to work well.  Let me know - Donna


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