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Goats/follow up on doe w/ bloody urine


Just wanted to touch base a bit this evening abt the doe we spoke of earlier w/ blood in here pee. I gave her the sulfur drug today and will continue to repeat 2x day. I also gave her mineral oil. As of a few minutes ago she is pooping very well. While in the barn for a short time I witnessed it several times. I no longer thinkshe was constipated. On the hand she is continuing to hump up and raise her tail as if to pee but I see no pee. Still has signs og a little blood and a one time earlier it literally looked like a " woman on her time" Sorry to be so gross. Do u think it is kidney infection and is there anything else I should be doing. I did feel around her lower belly for belly edema I think it is called and have no signs that I can tell. Her tummy just feels normal soft like.

Thanks for the update.  It's possible she has a urinary tract/kidney infection - the symptoms fit this.  It may take 2 or 3 days before you see improvement.  You can double the antibiotics for one or two days to try to get a hold on the infection.  Would keep her drinking water.  Would also start her on aspirin, human type, one 325 mg tablet per 75 to 100 pounds of body weight - crush and dissolve and give orally every 4-6 hours for two days - this will help with any inflammation and/or pain that she may have with peeing.  The sulfa usually works well for urinary tract infections.  Hope this helps - keep me posted - thanks - Donna


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