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So I rescued a pigmy crossed with lamoncho doe a year ago and it turned out she was in the process of kidding when I arrived. She ended up have to kids a boy and a girl. The kids are now a year old and I have all 3 of them housed together. I dehorned both the kids and neutered the male when they were younger. The doe still has her horns. I have been having problem with the doe and the male bullying the female. I have separated the area where they eat so they each have there own bowl for pellets and they each have there own hay feeder and they rotate through out feedings. They still bully her every chance they get. Since winter I have been really having an issue with them chasing her around and not letting her in or out of the barn. I do not at the time have enough room to separate each one and I have considered finding a home for the doe (mom) hoping the two kids will get along and be each others companion, even though Id hate to find anyone a new home. I'm out of ideas please help?

So the adult/pygmy doe who has horns and the wether (castrated male) are bullying the younger doe?

Bullying unfortunately is a goat thing.  About the only thing you can do outside of making a separate pen for the doe who is getting bullied is to put at least one of the bullying pair on a dog runner - they do very well on these and learn quickly their limits.  

Hope that helps - Donna


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