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We live in Northern Maryland and are expecting temps in single digits with wind chill below zero (-3) along with snow and freezing rain.  We have 2 8 month old Nigerian Dwarf weathers who are in good health very fuzzy and fat and way about 30 lbs and are very short -16 to 18 inches.  They live together in the middle of the back yard with no vegetation or buildings for wind protection, but they do have a rectangle plastic dog house they live in-it is not an igloo kind.  I say it is insulate my husband says it is not.  The house has a lot of hay/straw for bedding.  Will they be OK or would they do much better if we put them in a very large dog crate and put them in a shed until the worst of the temps/wind past?  We have 2 other goats who are 4 and 5 and bigger all around who live in an igloo and have a building for wind blockage-I think they will be fine.  But what is your opinion?  Thank you!

Would say the two young Nigerian Dwarf wethers absolutely need a better place to stay out of the weather and try to stay warm.  Any chance they can be in building?  I would also suggest the older goats be kept in a building too.  Igloos and dog houses just do not cut it to keep goats warm in very cold weather.  The chances of them getting frostbite from the cold and/or coming down with pneumonia are very high in this situation without proper shelter.  Do hope this helps.  Donna


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