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Goats/pregnant pygmyw poss. dead fetus


hello!  I have a 3yo pygmy who is due to kid very soon if not already.  She has been acting very off such as not eating, neck craning, and now I'm afraid there might be other problems. I thought at first she was having labor symptoms but this is day 2 now.  She had 2 kids last year and had a normal birthing she was a great mother and no problems.  Now I am afraid there might be other problems such as maybe the fetus is dead or she is sick?  I have tried to feel the baby move but no luck and she isn't cooperating  ( she is stubborn and finicky anyway)The past week she hasn't looked as wide I thought maybe the baby or babies were stacked or not side by side.  She is also drooling a little bit that started this afternoon.  Please any ideas? I haven't seen anything like it.

Would take a temperature if you can - anything over 102.5 would be a fever and that would indicate an infection, which could be an intrauterine infection.  Are her pelvic ligaments gone? Sounds like she has dropped on the sides which usually happens within days of kidding.  The neck craning can just be a symptom of early labor.  Not eating too can be a symptom of early labor.  But I don't like the drooling.  Drooling is usually associated with goat polio, fevers, or ketosis or hypocalcemia.  Is she getting up and down okay? Is her udder full?

What feed regimen has she been on?  Does her breath smell "sickly sweet" at all?

To cover for possible infection and this could include pneumonia or intrauterine infection I would advise starting her on a course of antibiotics - injectable penicillin is available at most feed/farm stores - 20 gauge 3/4 inch needles are best, also available at farm/feed stores.  3 cc/100 pounds body weight is the dosing twice a day for 5 days.  Have you given intramuscular injections before?

Would for sure start her on probiotics (yogurt works well) along with vitamin B complex (human type is fine).  2 tablespoons yogurt a.m. and p.m. for 3 to 5 days.  Vitamin B complex would be 5 tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cooled and given orally, dosing twice a day for 5 days.  

If she is not already in her own small kidding stall would put her in one so you can manage her care easier.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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