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QUESTION: I have 8 pygmies, 5 females and 3 "fixed" males. I don't have a buck because they cause to much trouble. I plan on "renting" or borrowing a male when I decide to breed them again. What would be the best time to do this? It's Jan and I have 2 females showing signs of heat;however, I've read many articles that say the fall is when they go in heat. And what is the chance that I'll get all 5 bred at the same time? I've only had pygmies for about 2 yrs and I'm still learning. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Dairy goat breeds are seasonal breeders which means they only come into estrous/heat during the months of August through February.  Pygmy goats are year around breeders which means they can come into estrous/heat year around so you can breed them whenever it is convenient for you.  If you bring in a buck to your herd, it is possible that all the does will come into heat fairly close in time frame.  Sometimes that can be a good thing, and sometimes not depending on what works for you.  I advise not breeding any doe until it is at least 1 1/2 years of age.  Hope this helps - please let me know if you have any further questions - I will be happy to help you out - Donna

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QUESTION: Have u ever heard of 1 becoming pregnant when only a few weeks old? I have twins, Sophie & Sarah that were born on Feb2 and both went into labor the 2nd wkend of Aug. Both had 2 have C-sections. My vet argued that I was wrong about their age because he said it wasn't possible. But I'm 100% positive I'm correct b/c I have date stamped photos from the day they were born. This is the reason I have no un-neutered billies. I don't want 2 chance it happening again.

Were the photos stamped by you at the birth or did you purchase the goats from someone else?  What exact age were these doelings?  Were the kid goats born full term and/or alive?

To answer your question about the age a doe goat can become pregnant, that is not before 7 weeks of age, so if your doelings were that age it is possible, but it is not possible before that as the reproductive system has not developed enough by then.  

Hope this helps.  


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