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Our goat had been fine but today she laid down not on her side. She will still eat but her head kinda flops/bobs to one side and her eyes are moving side to side. She was wormed about 3 weeks ago.

Any foam at her mouth?  What is her temperature? Is she eating her hay and grain?  Do you see any mold in either her grain or her hay?  Is she drinking water for you? Is she peeing and pooping? Is there any diarrhea:

The eyes moving side to side are usually a sign of a poison or a high body temperature.  Her head "flopping" can also indicate a high fever or poison.  Any poisonous plants where you are? Any injuries to her? Any chance a snake could have bitten her/any bite marks around her feet or lower legs? Is she bloated at all?

Would start her on human aspirin at one 325 mg tablet (normal dosage for humans) per 75 pounds body weight every four hours - you need to crush the tablet(s) and dissolve in a little hot water, cool and give orally.  I would give her twice this dose as her first dose.  If she is not drinking she probably needs to be orally drenched with electrolytes.  The aspirin would help if this were a fever.  Would also start her on milk of magnesia - 1/2 cup given orally per 75 pounds body weight - give this every 2 hours two times.  This may help with possible poisons.  Would also start her on injectable antibiotics if you have them - do you have any antibiotics available to you?

Hope this helps - let me know - I'm in Washington State but am always up late - so don't worry about getting a hold of me.  Donna


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